Why I Choose Essential Oils For My Family


The clean eating movement really shook up our household. I watched documentaries, followed blogs, and got really worked up about our food industry. I made the decision that my family would no longer fill our bodies with lab created “nutrients”. With the shift in our eating, we noticed how much healthier we had become. No more continuous sniffles, colds, sore-throats, fever. etc… We slept better, we felt better. So how did that lead me to a path of essential oils you ask?

I swore to myself and my family that I would not end up in a crunchy lifestyle of ‘poo free hair, deodorant free pits, and using all those other natural living products. Well, it’s a slippery slope. It doesn’t take long to realize that removing chemicals, additives, and preservatives from your food will only get you to a certain level of “clean” living.

It was during one particular rough winter/spring that I became fed up using Sudafed and NyQuil  to treat my seasonal yuckiness. Aside from enjoying the relief they provided in drying me up, I did not like how they made me feel. So I did what we all do, became an amateur doctor and hit the books AKA the Internet. I quickly found when researching natural ways to support your immune system that essential oils were the route to go.

I headed out sent the hubs to the local health store to grab some peppermint, lemon, clove, cassia, rosemary, and eucalyptus. I got some relief and didn’t use the over the counter meds any more, but it wasn’t the big aha moment I was looking for.

Enter → Young Living Essential Oils.

Through this blog I look forward to sharing with you what these oils have done for me and my family; and what they can do for you too!

After all, it is an essential oil adventure.



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