Product Spotlight: Lavender


Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) is a beloved oil not only for its familiar clean and refreshing scent; but also for its versatility. Perhaps this is way it is known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils. Of the labiatae (mint) family, lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the flowering part of the plants. It takes approximately 27 square feet of plants to create one 15mL bottle of essential oil.

Lavender has been used for centuries, even by the Egyptians in their mummification process. Ancient Greeks called Lavender nardus, and was commonly referred to as Nard. It  was one of the holy herbs used to prepare the Holy Essence and Nard, or ‘spikenard’ as mentioned in the Bible. Also used by the Romans to scent their baths, hair, and linens. The name Lavender is derived from the Latin word ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash”. The Romans also discovered the therapeutic properties of this plant.

In modern times Lavender was rediscovered by Rene Gattefossé, one of the founders of aromatherapy, when he burned himself in his lab. In an excerpt translated from French in his 1937 book, Aromathérapie, he describes this incident as follows:

“The external application of small quantities of essences rapidly stops the spread of gangrenous sores. In my personal experience, after a laboratory explosion covered me with burning substances which I extinguished by rolling on a grassy lawn, both my hands were covered with a rapidly developing gas gangrene. Just one rinse with lavender essence stopped “the gasification of the tissue”. This treatment was followed by profuse sweating, and healing began the next day (July 1910).”

Young Living includes this popular oil in their Premium Starter Kit and it was one of the first ones I used by diffusing with Peppermint and Lemon. Here are some other favorite ways to use this oil:

  • Combine Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint to support healthy respiratory function and help you enjoy the seasons with ease.
  • Diffuse Lavender to support a calming and restful atmosphere.
  • Use a drop of Lavender in mascara to promote fuller lashes.
  • Add a few drops of Lavender to lotions, shampoos, and skin care products for skin support.
  • Apply to head and neck to promote relaxation and for head support.
  • Create a spa-like retreat by combining 1 cup Epsom salt and 4 drops oil and adding to a hot bath.

How do you use Lavender Essential Oil? Be sure to share your tips and thoughts with us in the comments!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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