Oil Must Haves

must haves.png

A common question I get is, “What oils did you purchase after you got your kit?” I fell in love hard and fast with Young Living essential oils. Within a month of receiving my kit I had already placed another order and signed up for their loyalty program, Essential Rewards. Since I was so excited, my next order was quite a hefty one. I had heard of so many testimonies and recipes; I wanted to be prepared and have all the oils on hand for any situation my family may encounter.

I had already used quite a bit of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. My second order included re-stocking those and pretty much every other order has since! The rest of my “after the kit” oils were:

Calming, relaxing, and supports hair growth.

Supports the circulatory system.

Supports ordinary weight loss.

Mood booster.

Supports healthy Muscle, Joint or Cartilage Function

Beverage enhancer.

Mood booster.

Supports a healthy immune system.

Supports the hormonal system.

Promotes healthy skin.

Now that I’ve been around the essential oil world for a bit, there are many other products that I would include in my “must haves”. But, this is where I started and they are a good group of oils. I still keep each one of them stocked at all times!

Share with me in the comments! I would love to hear your oil must haves.



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