Diffuser Recipe

diffuse-thisWell it’s official. December is over and 2016 is done. We all get to hit reset and have a fresh start. Diffuse this refreshing blend while you reflect on 2016 and make your 2017 resolutions and goals. BONUS…it smells like a spa!

This year I’m sharing my resolutions with everyone. My thought is that the more I share, the more accountable I will have to be. This year I resolve to:

  1. Continue my fitness and healthy eating regimen. Young Living has a 60 day Slique Challenge that I’m participating in. I’m also doing my second round of Whole30 this month. I’ve had this resolution for several years and I’m happy to say each year I do stick with it. I’ve just realized it’s a journey and I won’t magically drop 50 pounds in one year (without finding it again later in the year firmly attached to my derriere).
  2. Continue to grow in my faith by being involved in my church and having a daily quiet/devotional time.
  3. “Date” my husband. I want to have at least one date a month in 2017. I’m happy to say we’ve got a sitter already on the books for January!
  4. Share my love of oils with others. It’s a obsession passion.
  5. Be more intentional with my time and how it’s spent. A main way I’m going to achieve this is to put down the iPhone and step away.
  6. Less. I want to minimize this year. Less stuff, less commitments, less is more folks.

What do you resolve to do in 2017 (or not do, like eat a pound of cheese in one sitting…what…just me?)? If you’re brave enough, share in the comments!

Happy New Year!



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