New Year…New You!


According to, 30% of people who make New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past the first two weeks. Has that been you in the past? This year will be different! Young Living has an abundance of oils and supplements available to help you see your resolutions through to the finish line.

Stop Smoking.

It’s not easy to quit, but this could be THE BEST resolution for you and your loved ones. Essential oils are here to help!

Inhaling a drop of Black Pepper or Angelica Oil made cravings less intense for tobacco users in a small pilot study published in the latest Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Reported intensity of cravings dropped more dramatically for black pepper users than for those who sniffed angelica, while angelica users were able to delay their next nicotine hit for longer than those in the pepper group.

Get Active and Fit.

Whether you exercise regularly now or are looking to start a new routine, Young Living can help you reach your fitness goals.

In 2013, Dr. Abbas Meamarbashi, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science at the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili did a study on Peppermint’s effect on exercise.

“The results of the experiment support the effectiveness of peppermint essential oil on the exercise performance, gas analysis, spirometry parameters, blood pressure, and respiratory rate in the young male students. Relaxation of bronchial smooth muscles, increase in the ventilation and brain oxygen concentration, and decrease in the blood lactate level are the most plausible explanations.”

  • Apply a 1-2 drops of peppermint diluted behind your ears and on the back of the neck to promote a motivated workout.
  • Combine ½ cup of coconut oil with 10 drops each of PanAway, Copaiba, and Peppermint to create your own sore muscle rub.

Lose Weight.

Essential oils can help curb your appetite, boost your metabolism, and detox your system.

  • Add a drop each of Peppermint and Lemon Vitality to your water or add to a capsule and take 2 times daily.
  • Young Living has an entire group of products, the Slique line, that is especially formulated to help you reach this resolution and comes in several convenient forms: Oil, Gum, Bars, and Tea. Check out the 60 Day Slique Challenge!
  • NingXia Red® is a delicious superfruit beverage that combines whole Ningxia wolfberry puree; a superfruit blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices; natural stevia extract; grape seed extract; pure vanilla extract; and Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oils. It is a full body immunity support and antioxidant product for the whole family!

Sleep Better/More.

What if I told you there was a way to dramatically improve your physical, emotional, and mental health all without lifting a finger? The answer is Sleep!

One of the best ways to meet your goals this year is to start with a good night’s sleep. Research has proven that people who don’t get enough sleep have bigger appetites (goodbye weight loss resolution) and that being awake 16 straight hours decreases your performance as much as if your blood alcohol level was .05% (that’s almost the legal limit!)

It’s easy to see how waking up well-rested would be a huge help in achieving your exercise goals, while also giving you that boost to get organized or quit smoking.
Unfortunately sleeping soundly is easier said than done, but before you reach for that sleeping pill guaranteed to leave your feeling groggy the next day, check out the all-natural options from Young Living!

  • Lavender has long been used to promote rest and relaxation. Try a few drops in the diffuser or apply on the bottom of feet and behind your ears to ease off into slumber. Use lavender with Epsom salts for a relaxing bath before bed.
  • Stress Away is a wonderful blend to diffuse while sleeping. Also, available in a pre-made roller to apply topically with ease.
  • Try adding Cedarwood with Lavender. Apply this blend topically or use in a diffuser.
  • Tranquil is a pre-mixed and diluted blend in a roll-on bottle. Just a quick swipe behind the ears and up the spine before hitting the hay.

Spice Up Your Love Life

So this is the part where I turn red in the face and pretend my Mom isn’t reading. But, let’s face it, sometimes the flames of passion dissipate of over time. Work, kids, chores and the daily stresses of life can get in the way of romance and passionate connection. Intense romantic love is one of the key factors in long-lasting relationships and guess what…there’s an oil for that!

  • —–>Enter your new best friend Orange Essential Oil. Add 20 drops of orange to a 10mL roller bottle and top off with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut or jojoba oil. Apply to inner thighs and never look at that little bottle of Orange the same again.
  • Sensation™ is a wonderfully fragrant, powerfully romantic blend that is extremely uplifting and refreshing. It was formulated to enhance the enjoyment of special moments. Use this with a carrier oil to create a romantic massage!
  • Ylang Ylang has a mild floral scent and is commonly used as an aphrodisiac. Put a few drops in your diffuser to set the mood.
  • Cypress is an oil typically known for support of the circulatory system, and it does a great job of that. Apply to your inner thighs to ** ahem** promote circulation in the area.

The best news is most of these oil suggestions (Lemon, Peppermint, Stress Away, Lavender, PanAway, Frankincense, and Copaiba) that can support your New Year’s resolutions are found in the Premium Starter Kit! That is why I always recommend starting there!

So we’ve got this! This is the year we will see it through!



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