February 2017- Monthly Promos

4d0b74b1faa304031cd4838f2912407dHappy February! With a new month comes NEW PROMOS! This month Young Living’s promos are all about taking care of you and your family. For those new to Young Living, these promos are another great benefit for their members. Each month they have FREE products they give away when your order reaches a certain PV amount (point value, usually comparable to $). To qualify for the freebies you must place a single Quick Order and/or Essential Rewards order (only essential rewards orders will earn the Essential Rewards Exclusive oils) that meets one of the above PV requirements. When you do that, voila!….Young Living sends the qualifying product FREE with your order.

Let’s take a closer look at these FREEBIES.

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 5 ml Lemongrass– This oil is a favorite of mine and one that when you use, you see its action. Use this oil to promote circulation, to support your muscle, cartilage, and bone function, as a bite buster, and to maintain cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range. Not to mention its sweet smell is so appealing when diffused. Diffuse with Bergamot and Grapefruit for a scent that is wonderfully close to Fruity Pebbles.

15 ml Wintergreen– A prominent oil in the popular blend PanAway, this soothing and invigorating oil is perfect for applying after exercise. Athletes (or those that just don’t feel as young as they used to) this oil is for you! Diffuse it with Orange and recreate the smell of conversation hearts…perfect for February.

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 15 ml Eucalyptus Radiata– This oil is great for support of your respiratory system. It’s milder in smell than Globulus, but still does the job.

5 ml Palo Santo– Known as “Holy Wood” it has been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon in their rituals. Palo Santo oil has a spicy, woodsy aroma. It may provide support for your nervous system and emotional balance. Reach for this oil when you need grounding and balancing in your life (can I get an Amen!).

5 ml PanAway– A powerful blend of Wintergreen, Clove, Helichrysum, and Peppermint essential oils. The invigorating scent and tingling sensation of this oil make it a staple in the gym bags of athletes everywhere. PanAway can also provide nervous system support during times of stress.

Essential Rewards Points– I love when this is included in the promos! Why you ask? Because ER points are money toward oils (and who doesn’t LOVE free money for oils?!). This month Young Living is giving you two opportunities to get ER points. When you place an Essential Rewards order that reaches 250PV, they’ll give you 20 ER points. Place an order that hits the 300PV level and they’ll bump that up to 40 ER points. So let’s do the math. If you’re going to be placing a 250PV essential rewards order, you might as well go ahead and make it reach the 300PV level. For that extra 50PV they’re going to turn around and give you 40PV of it back! Plus you’ll get PanAway for FREE!

Any items designated as ‘Essential Rewards Exclusive’ are only available on qualifying Essential Rewards orders.

If you’re ready to join the world of essential oils and support your health and wellness goals for 2017, I highly recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best group of starter oils and at a discounted price!

Happy February!



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