Top 10 Essential Oil Tips

The education, support, and resources made available to me when I joined Young Living were plenty. However, sometimes there are things that you only learn by experience. Here are my top 10 essential oil tips.

  1. Use your oils. This may seem like I’m shorting you a tip, but you would be surprised how many people buy essential oils and then just don’t use them. If you feel your body could use support in a certain area, reach for your oils and reach for them often. Oils can only work for you if you use them consistently. So make it a habit to start your diffuser when you start your coffee pot in the morning. Take your oils on the go with you. Which leads me to my next tip…
  2. Get the right accessories right away. Get a small dropper bottle like these and fill it with a carrier oil like grapeseed or almond oil. Keep it with you so you can dilute on the go. Invest in a travel bag like this one so you can keep your most used oils with you at all times. Buy some roll-on bottles so you can make your own favorite blends ahead of time. Be sure to order Vegetable Capsules from Young Living too, if you choose to ingest your oils as a dietary supplement.
  3. Store your oils properly. To maintain the potency of your pure therapeutic oils, store them in a dark and cool place. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and extreme heat can change the chemical composition and evaporation rate. Also, store them in dark, glass bottles to protect the oils from damaging ultraviolet light.
  4. Learn about Young Living’s orifice reducer. A lot of people think the oil comes from the center hole, but it doesn’t. The center hole is the air vent. The oil actually comes from a very tiny hole off to the side. To increase the speed of your drops, make sure this pin-hole is on the bottom. To slow your drops down, position the pin-hole on top. Also, hands off! Don’t touch the orifice reducer, your skin and anything on it will get into the bottle and alter your oils.
  5. Sign up for Young Living’s Essential Rewards. If you re-order, I highly recommend this program. I placed a couple orders before I enrolled and I missed out on getting FREE money towards my purchases.
  6. Don’t throw away your empty bottles. Make sure you get every last drop of oil out of the bottle by burying it in an airtight container of Epsom salts. You’ll have a clean bottle and a DIY bath salt! You can also fill the bottle up with water and then pour the contents into your diffuser so that the residual oil is getting used. I re-use my clean bottles by ordering Young Living’s roller fitments for them (they are by far better than any other roller bottle I’ve purchased). A lot of people use their empty bottles for crafts and decor too!
  7. Don’t get carried away making your roller bottles. You only want to put a little bit in a roller bottle. When the roller comes in contact with your skin, it will introduce whatever is on your skin into the blend. This will change the composition of your oil. You’ll even start to see it become cloudy and murky after a month or so. Make just enough to use for a couples weeks.
  8. Use them in the kitchen. Been eyeing that lemon muffin on Pinterest, but just didn’t make it to the store to buy lemons? Grab your Lemon Vitality and apron! The Vitality line has so many oils that can replace those quick to spoil spices, zests, and herbs.
  9. Don’t be scared to learn. You don’t have to be a certified aromatherapist to use essential oils. There is an abundance of education available to you (reference books, this blog, Facebook groups, ME!) and it’s not all time consuming education. One of the great things about how Young Living is setup with distributors, is that you have a person that can guide you as much or as little as you want. All you need to know is basic safety and usage guidelines and then have fun learning by experimenting.
  10. Know your usage and safety guidelines. Young Living essential oils are pure and powerful, you only need to use a few drops. Each essential oil bottle is labeled for use and will instruct you on the recommended usage of that oil. When first starting out, go slow with one drop and increase it as you see fit. Be sure you are diluting with a carrier oil to slow down the absorption rate of the oils and reduce any potential skin sensitivity. Essential oils are safe for use in babies and kids (6+months), but keep them out of reach of children. Remember, small amounts of these oils. The last thing you want is a toddler loving the smell of an oil and emptying the whole bottle on or in them. Keep a carrier oil on hand in the event that more dilution is needed. Water only drives the oils deeper in, so carrier oil is the best way to wipe away an essential oil. There is a book available called Gentle Babies about essential oil use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and on babies. As always, consult with your doctor if you have any concern.
  • Bonus Tip! Diffuser care. Be sure to clean your diffuser frequently, using only rubbing alcohol an water (using other products will void your warranty). Use the brush included with the diffuser or a cotton swab to clean the sensor. Check the manual provided with your diffuser to see if distilled/filtered water or tap water is recommended. Set your your diffuser on a trivet to increase the air flow and mist output.



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