Oily Creations: Creepy Crawler Away Spray

Now that the sun is up later and the days are warmer, we are spending a lot more time outdoors. I love enjoying nature, but I do not love nature enjoying me as an all you can eat buffet. Conventional sprays contain some pretty scary ingredients; scary enough to make you wonder which is worse...the … Continue reading Oily Creations: Creepy Crawler Away Spray


Oily Creations- Foaming Hand Soap

Once in a while the planets align and I find myself on a Saturday with nothing to do. The creative juices are flowing and I get to be crafty. We all know how happy it makes me when my crafty side gets to pair up with my oily obsessed side. Today I want to share … Continue reading Oily Creations- Foaming Hand Soap

Oily Creations

Nothing makes me happier than when my oil obsession gets together with my craving to craft, and an oily creation is made. This reed diffuser is a super easy and pretty way to use your oils aromatically, when the diffuser isn't an option (like in the bathroom or a cubicle). It also makes an excellent … Continue reading Oily Creations